Sunday, November 26, 2017


Everybody loves puzzles,
but so many think of them
as a game
that comes in a box

but they are everywhere
we can see and beyond
some with keys, clues & so on,
some with chains and locks

Some made by people
some with words
numbers ciphers and moments
some with  pictures and events

Some on a grand scale
that can sweep through
 the everythings
and all the nothings and whispers
& happenstance

The greatest puzzles
 you will ever play
will be the ones you didn't know
 you were a piece of

The puzzles you aren't given the picture of
The puzzles your aren't told the number of pieces of
The puzzles you paint yourself as you meet new people,
read new books, see the world and maybe find what you love

Puzzles that span all of time
Puzzles are poetry that does not have to rhyme
puZzles are people you have met but only think you know
PUzzles are coincidences that do not exist
as you sink into a life that is just another piece
into this giant work of art that your parents worked on,
their parents and your kids kids will or did, to.

Mark Burkenbine

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