Thursday, March 1, 2018

Brown Paper Bag

In years past, the most powerful cloaking device the average human had was called The Brown Paper Bag.  You could put anything in it, and it was available at any store. It was complete guesswork to figure out what was in it.   
How ironic that in today's United States, that only a liquor store seems to use this 'trickery'.
(Often), as I leave a Kansas liquor store and am asked if I would like a bag, I chuckle to myself and answer "why yes, please disguise my immoral and self centered purchase in its I leave a place that can only sell one thing, and only has this one bag."     Then I dance to my car, knowing nobody can possibly know what is in the bag. This Magical Brown Bag that SCREAMS nothing to see here.
--Mark Burkenbine , 2018

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