Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Is artificial intelligence another way of saying fake news?  There is nothing artificial about intelligence. It is there, or it isn't.

Do you use your dominant hand to wipe your ass? Sorry. Been trying to figure out if I was left handed and got coached into the right handed thing.  Hell, I shave left handed, in the shower with no mirror....but have to be careful if I shave right handed, cuz that thing will cut me. There is no reason for this search for answers, beyond enjoying the quest....such is life.

I cannot get over the fact that we have to put air in our tires, but Elon Musk is seriously trying to start a colony on Mars, and particle accelerators are smashing atoms looking for dark matter, God particles, and testing electrons to see what they do.... In effect, they are challenging our concept of time, space, dimensions of existence....  There may be a small lapse in technology between what the governments have and what the public gets access to. Enjoy your drive and your heated seats.

It takes me awhile to get 'spontaneous' just right.

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