Tuesday, August 1, 2017

4 AM Legos

They have discontinued  our dogs dogfood. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. It seems she enjoys some of the substitute brand, but tosses the ones she disapproves of.  Just flips them into an ever widening pile that gets kicked across the room. It's a situation that is reminiscent of a child playing with legos and not picking up their mess.  Sooner or later, I -being a middle aged male, will have to walk across that floor to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. We all know those blood curdling screams...the profanities...of hearing your father stepping on legos at 4 am. And you remember the pain when you repeated the genetic faux pas  when you stepped on them, explaining the situation to the officers on call who understood and were concerned for your safety. Of course,this always happens at 4 am. Nothing good happens at 4 am.
As I lay here in bed pondering the situation, counting the ounces of fluid I drank in before bedtime , I reason that stepping on dogfood surely isn't as painful as being impaled by legos. Maybe I need some slippers. Good slippers.
And with that happy thought of imaginary foot armor,  our hero drifts off into the world of dreams....

Mark Burkenbine  2017

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